Things said..

Some things are better left unsaid. Not only, because once it’s out there you can’t take it back, but because truths, opinions, even secrets between us as human beings, always finds it’s way out. Once that thought flickers through your brain, going through each synapse to the other, it’s there. You can’t make it go away. You can’t forget it. Sure if it was a grocery list or bill that needed to be paid, it’d vanquish only to be remembered when you see something that reminds you. We as human beings are passionate about our opinions-we always remember. They are what we stand for, makes us who we are. That is definitely a platform to remember. Truths usually involve drama and gossip, which we all secretly love. So truths, as heart wrenching or heartwarming as they may be, still become chiseled into our brains, even if it’s just a truth we only believe ourselves. Now secrets, they tie in with truths some, because many secrets are actually truth being hidden. Naturally, just the word “secret” triggers our recorder, and it’s for life. If you think about it you’d be amazed how many secrets, even childhood, that you’d remember. It makes you wonder if you told yourself the grocery list was a secret, if you’d remember it all!


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